Sketching your notes make them more memorable and fun!

I attended the Agile UX for Start ups event last night at the British Film Institute. We all ended up sitting in a ‘fish bowl’ of a room where a bar (where people drink) could look into our room and gain insights into why design and UX people are so creative! The presentations if anything, highlighted the fact that Agile dev methodologies and creative design ‘processes’ can work together in perfect harmony as long as the people involved are in synch (a shared vision) and want to do whatever it takes to deliver an amazing product in an iterative manner.

It is not rocket science. You just need to getBA, Dev, PM, PO, PC, UX, GD to all ‘get on’, talk and share what each is working on and decide what you need to supply each other with….ALL the time.

I managed to try out my re-newed found skill of visual note taking (visual thinking, sketching, contextual drawing):

Sure they are a bit rough. I only had 3 hours sleep the night before, but it was easy to do and with a little more practice, can become works of art.