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“Stupid is as stupid does” – Is Smart tech making us dumber?

Smart devices support our physical, emotional and financial well being; connecting digital and real world experiences to improve who we are as human beings. But are we in danger of losing our souls when we swap the need to think for ourselves for complex algorithmic analyses that tell us what to do or even go as far as do it… Read more →

Risk Getting Fired

This ingredient and many more can be found in my book, 101 Design Ingredients To Solve Big Tech Problems: Teams who fear making mistakes will never try anything different to change the world. Stand up for something you believe in, and back it up by taking risks that show your conviction. Become an innovation subversive. Prove it works first Set… Read more →

Agile 2012 report: How the UX virus infects everything we do.

Dallas Texas, normally brings images and sounds of a bucking rodeo bull, JR Ewing’s ten gallon hat and gun galore to mind. I must admit I set out to get myself that ten gallon hat and eat steak every day at least once. I achieve the latter but the hat still eludes me. Agile 2012 has just wrapped her self… Read more →