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Start 2013 with a bang! Submit your UX talk to Agile 2013

Yay! I am chairing this years Agile 2013 UX track in Nashville, Tennessee on August 5-9, 2013 together with my co-chair Will Evans. The UX track this year is for stakeholders, engineers, product owners and user experience designers passionate about creating products that delight customers, deliver value, and create meaningful interactions, whether you work for a lean startup or a… Read more →

Strategic User experience and why good design = good business

Throughout history we can find moments where strategic design decisions have fundamentally changed consumer habits, beliefs and their emotional connection to the environment around them. Think about Frank Lloyd Wright’s design of the Guggenheim Museum or Jonathan Ives design of Apple products, both involved a good understanding of the marketplace and public consumer behaviours. But many companies, in their haste… Read more →

Advancing the state of the art @Agile2012

Interested in defining the future of UX? Adrian Howard (@adrianh) & I, Eewei Chen (@ultraman), invite you to submit sessions to the User Experience Stage of the Agile 2012 conference (Dallas, Texas, Aug 13-17 2012). The 2012 conference theme is “advancing the state of the art“. User Experience practices have always helped agile teams discover, build and deliver the right… Read more →