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Learn From The Living Dead To Be A More Effective Team

No one loves Zombies, they eat us after all, and have you ever tried to have a meaningful conversation with one? The words “one-sided” come to mind. Get past the glazy-eyed, nonchalance and dead to see how being more like them can make you a more successful team. Here’s how: 1.Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish Apart from my son after rugby training, I… Read more →

Figure out the root of the problem

Start with a single problem. Ask why that problem exists and write down the answer. With each subsequent answer, ask why the problem still exists. You will eventually get to the root cause of why something is not working then go and find a solution. “It isn’t that they can’t see the solution. It is that they can’t see the… Read more →

Can I create successful start-ups within large organizations?

Large organizations have the money, resources and research to put together strong business cases to deliver awesome products and services. So why do some of these big ideas fail in the long run yet take so long to deliver? Failing fast and failing early are almost expected in any start up now a days and because start-ups are prepared for… Read more →