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good design is second nature. It makes us feel good, enables to do things better, quicker with quality results.

Play, strategy and improv. UX Cambridge 2011

  UX has never been more relevant. As UX practitioners, we are being respected by absolutely EVERYONE. Here are a few reasons why… We play well with everyone Only a fifth of participants at my UX Cambridge workshop “Idea to prototype in just 180 minutes“, were UX designers, front end dev or usability researchers. The rest were made up of… Read more →

Good design is…

Dieter Rams’ 10 design commandments: Good design is innovative Good design is useful Good design is aesthetic Good design makes a product understandable Good design is unobtrusive Good design is honest Good design is long-lasting Good design is consistent down to the last detail Good design is environmentally friendly Good design is as little design as possible Read more →

Future of Web Apps is now

Great people, great sessions. I was privileged enough to have been accepted to run a workshop at the most recent Future of Web Apps conference in London. How to Build a Web App Fast Eewei Chen, BSkyB & Jill Irving, ThoughtWorks This workshop allows you to experiment with rapid design and coding techniques to help you deliver an idea for… Read more →