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good design is second nature. It makes us feel good, enables to do things better, quicker with quality results.

Risk Getting Fired

This ingredient and many more can be found in my book, 101 Design Ingredients To Solve Big Tech Problems: Teams who fear making mistakes will never try anything different to change the world. Stand up for something you believe in, and back it up by taking risks that show your conviction. Become an innovation subversive. Prove it works first Set… Read more →

Hire People For What They Can Do, Not What You Want Them To Do

Companies hire subject matter experts to lead teams and be business leaders only to find out that they suck at it.  Just because people are good at one thing doesn’t mean they will perform well in unproven areas too. The Solution Factor in The Halo Effect when making decisions about who to work with. Verify how competent people are in areas… Read more →

Advancing the state of the art @Agile2012

Interested in defining the future of UX? Adrian Howard (@adrianh) & I, Eewei Chen (@ultraman), invite you to submit sessions to the User Experience Stage of the Agile 2012 conference (Dallas, Texas, Aug 13-17 2012). The 2012 conference theme is “advancing the state of the art“. User Experience practices have always helped agile teams discover, build and deliver the right… Read more →