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Future of Web Apps is now

Great people, great sessions. I was privileged enough to have been accepted to run a workshop at the most recent Future of Web Apps conference in London. How to Build a Web App Fast Eewei Chen, BSkyB & Jill Irving, ThoughtWorks This workshop allows you to experiment with rapid design and coding techniques to help you deliver an idea for… Read more →

My Agile 2011 workshop – How to design stuff that matters, fast

If I had to sum up Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City, Utah in three words it would be, “Wow, wow, wow!” I was lucky enough to have been accepted to present, speak and run a 90 minute workshop at the 10 year anniversary of the signing of the Agile Manifesto. Workshop attendees had to solve my design challenge in… Read more →

Experience design – a positive disruption

Observation allows one to be objective and offer a fresh and if need be, positive disruption. We have our own unique ways of running workshops and facilitating ideas as an inception team and I as an inception (early business envisioning and feasibility) lead. BUT we must humble ourselves it we are to remain open and suggestive to ideas. A leader… Read more →