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Why designers must hack

I love being given a challenge and are asked to solve it next to no time. It means you don’t have time to think so you just ‘do’. Doing means ideas flow; you get swept up in the storm that is creativity and you end up with the most amazing solutions, ones that are truly innovative. Start up days, hack days and design jams have successfully led to the creation of viable business propositions that match real world user needs in a very short time frame.

These days tackles a real world challenge need in 1-2 days and produce a fully working proof of concept prototype arrived at using design thinking, design doing, design testing and iterative improving .

So why do it?

  • Low risk
  • Fast
  • Insightful: answers a real end-user / consumer need or trend
  • Embraces the entrepreneurial spirit: experimental, fail fast, start up mentality to solve a critical business need
  • Creates working proof of concept software / product
  • There is so much less bull shit
  • It is fun!

Who can get involved? (what skills do you need?):

ANYBODY interested in problem solving


Day 1 – Research, Explore, Design… pivot!

Release a real world challenge e.g. Make tourists feel more like locals when they visit a new city to experience a new culture from the point of view of a local

· Research:
Brainstorm, analyse trends, analyse competitor landscape, create business model, define business success metrics, business metrics, technology, user test

· Explore:
Tech spiking, Group ideas and features together, prioritise features, stories (just enough), challenge business model, user test

· Design:
Sketch, user journeys, apply best practices, paper prototype, visual look and feel, user test

Day 2 – Iterative development

  • Build the damn thing
  • User test
  • Improve
  • Present and sell your concept!

Useful events:

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