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Risk Getting Fired

This ingredient and many more can be found in my book, 101 Design Ingredients To Solve Big Tech Problems:

You see most clearly when you’ve got nothing to lose.

Teams who fear making mistakes will never try anything different to change the world.

Stand up for something you believe in, and back it up by taking risks that show your conviction. Become an innovation subversive.

  • Prove it works first
    Set up a crack team to create a proof of concept that demonstrates your way is a better way. This puts you in a far more powerful position than before, when your ideas were just opinions. If you decide to quit, at least you will have left on a high note.
  • Change the scenery
    See if you can move into a more interesting role, even if it doesn’t exist yet. Come up with a business proposition that covers all the benefits, and pitch it to your boss and potential new boss. Get a mentor to advise you. If it will make you happier and the business gains something valuable, it should be a win-win situation.
  • Start your own company
    If you’re ready, quit and let those who can support your new venture know what you plan to do so you can hit the ground running. Understand the consequences of your decision, though, so you don’t go into it blindly. With the right expectations, preparation, expertise, and clients, there’s no reason you can’t be successful.

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