Know why you are doing it –

Know why you are doing it

Work from the inside out. If they believe in why you do it they will buy what you create.


It doesn’t matter what you do if people don’t identify with why you are doing it. What drives you? How will you make a difference in people’s lives? Why should people want to know you? People want a relationship with a brand and those who remain loyal believe that you understand them and want them to succeed in life; you love them for who they are as individuals. They feel that a relationship can be built that is worthy of their time and effort.

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.”

– John F. Kennedy

Try to:

  • Make sure your purpose is clear to people in everything you say and do
  • Decide what your design principles are (simplicity, beauty…)
  • Create product and services that people will fall in love with

Watch this Simon Sinek video about the Golden Circles:

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