Supporting multiple user journeys to effectively design an experience –

Supporting multiple user journeys to effectively design an experience

In  order to be successful in designing a truly useful application you must understand the different journeys users will be taking.

Here is an example where the application was a mobile phone deal finder. This is a great high level overview of the key journeys. I used this to refer to and map all interactions and page layouts I designed to ensure each user was going to be able to achieve their tasks successfully at any given point of their experience with the app. Ultimately, ofcourse, I wanted to satisfy the users and make them happy!

I found it a useful way of checking what I was creating had the users in mind as well as important business objectives covered.

Example of simple but important multiple user journeys for users with different needs to map onto the same application

Here is the site which launched on 18 October 2010.

This site is different from all competitors for a number of reasons.

  1. It champions the consumer so is not out there to give you the deal that makes the company the best profit! It works out the best deal for you based on price, usage requirements, visual look and functionality of the phone.
  2. it takes into consideration  the true monthly cost (handset cost, add-ons, out-of-bundle costs – although pesky extras that add up if you use more than your allowance)
  3. It offers UNIQUE testing information on most handsets. Which test their phones to the nth degree! Meaning you get peace of mind and all the information you need to know as a consumer to make an informed decision on handset purchase

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