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Future of Web Apps is now

Great people, great sessions. I was privileged enough to have been accepted to run a workshop at the most recent Future of Web Apps conference in London.

How to Build a Web App Fast

Eewei Chen, BSkyB & Jill Irving, ThoughtWorks

This workshop allows you to experiment with rapid design and coding techniques to help you deliver an idea for a first prototype in less than 8 hours. Teams will be issued a surprise challenge and have the duration of the workshop to create a web app that will delight users and answer the challenge!

What participants learned:

  • How to think creatively and generate ideas that really matter
  • Learn how and when to focus those ideas and tie it back to real business and end-user goals
  • Know when to create prototypes and concept usability test at key stages of a project
  • Understand the key development challenges and learn valuable tips to help you work faster
  • Create a minimum viable delightful solution and get it out to market fast!

The future of web apps highlighted to me the fact that there are some very good practitioners already creating some amazing apps using the very latest techniques and software. Some of my favourites included:

Christian Heilmann – Mozilla,
Alex MacCaw,
Eric Wahlforss – Soundcloud
Giorgio Sardo – Microsoft
Dave McClure – 500 Startups
Cennydd Bowles
Pete Koomen – Optimizely
Adam Seligman – Heroku

Have a look at some of the presentations including mine!


Thank you Ryan Carson, Lou and Cat for having us and putting on a fantastic conference!

Here are some pictures from the workshop I ran with Jill Irving (ThoughtWorks):

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