Start 2013 with a bang! Submit your UX talk to Agile 2013 –

Start 2013 with a bang! Submit your UX talk to Agile 2013

Yay! I am chairing this years Agile 2013 UX track in Nashville, Tennessee on August 5-9, 2013 together with my co-chair Will Evans.

The UX track this year is for stakeholders, engineers, product owners and user experience designers passionate about creating products that delight customers, deliver value, and create meaningful interactions, whether you work for a lean startup or a large agile enterprise.

You’ll learn from the thought leaders in the Agile and Lean UX community about the entire lifecycle of software development with a combination of theory-informed practice, principles to guide your teams, and hands-on tactics so that UX practices can become shared by many people – not just the ux designer. We will show you some of the ways Agile, Lean and User Experience practices are being combined by people already doing it— driving the iterative discovery and development of new products.

Questions this stage will attempt to answer:

  • How can everyone become involved in the customer research process?
  • How can you use UX to drive innovation within large enterprises?
  • How can generative user research be integrated with agile projects?
  • How can teams sustain a long-term product vision?
  • What are the fundamentals of qualitative and quantitative research that teams should learn to make good decisions?
  • How do you put practical UX skills into the hands of the whole team?
  • What are UX practitioners doing to enhance real world projects?

Share your awesome knowledge and help us make Agile 2013 the best Agile conference for UX and UX related practices. We want to hear from you even if you have never spoken before. We also welcome back and encourage past, seasoned and celebrity UX pros to submit too. I want this year’s UX track to be full of new and useful insight as well as reconfirming UX as the bedrock of all agile tech teams who put the value of knowing what the customer needs first to make more successful business and technology decisions.

So what are you waiting for? Submit now!

Any question please reach out on twitter to me Eewei Chen @Ultraman, Will Evans @semanticwill or to the Agile Alliance @AgileAlliance

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