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Physical vs Digital vs Engagement – 4D UX Design

I guest lecture at Kingston University Business School a few times a year. One of these lectures is a workshop that kick starts the new academic year with a “Design Challenge” similar to the hack-a-thons, Design Jams and other workshops I have run in the past at UK and other international conferences. Keys to success include speed and the ability to… Read more →

Play, strategy and improv. UX Cambridge 2011

  UX has never been more relevant. As UX practitioners, we are being respected by absolutely EVERYONE. Here are a few reasons why… We play well with everyone Only a fifth of participants at my UX Cambridge workshop “Idea to prototype in just 180 minutes“, were UX designers, front end dev or usability researchers. The rest were made up of… Read more →

“How to design stuff that maters, fast” – My Agile 2011 workshop, video promo

If you are going to be in Salt lake City Utah, USA to attend Agile 2011, please pop by and attend my workshop: “How to design stuff that matters Fast” and get your creative juices going! I will be in the Little America Hotel, Arizona Room, 1:30-3:00pm, Thursday August 11. Hope to see you there! Here is a video teaser… Read more →