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“Stupid is as stupid does” – Is Smart tech making us dumber?

Smart devices support our physical, emotional and financial well being; connecting digital and real world experiences to improve who we are as human beings. But are we in danger of losing our souls when we swap the need to think for ourselves for complex algorithmic analyses that tell us what to do or even go as far as do it… Read more →

Lean Startup Needs To Be Incorporated Into Large Organisations

I always enjoy attending The Future of Web Apps. Last year I gave a workshop where I challenged teams to create an MVP in 3 hours and pitch it as part of a competition. This year I was invited back to give a talk about on “10 Ways to Successfully incorporate Lean Startup and Agile techniques into your organisation” A.K.A, “Just… Read more →

Kingston University Lean Startup Design Challenge

September 21-22, 2012 Kingston University invited me to kickstart their Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Masters course with a 2 day hack-a-thon. I jumped at the chance to influence and guide the minds of clever business, design, film and fashion school students; injecting them early on with some Lean Startup techniques and introducing to the latest concepts that Large corporations and Startups are… Read more →