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Lean Startup Needs To Be Incorporated Into Large Organisations

I always enjoy attending The Future of Web Apps. Last year I gave a workshop where I challenged teams to create an MVP in 3 hours and pitch it as part of a competition. This year I was invited back to give a talk about on “10 Ways to Successfully incorporate Lean Startup and Agile techniques into your organisation” A.K.A, “Just… Read more →

Agile 2012 report: How the UX virus infects everything we do.

Dallas Texas, normally brings images and sounds of a bucking rodeo bull, JR Ewing’s ten gallon hat and gun galore to mind. I must admit I set out to get myself that ten gallon hat and eat steak every day at least once. I achieve the latter but the hat still eludes me. Agile 2012 has just wrapped her self… Read more →

Strategic User experience and why good design = good business

Throughout history we can find moments where strategic design decisions have fundamentally changed consumer habits, beliefs and their emotional connection to the environment around them. Think about Frank Lloyd Wright’s design of the Guggenheim Museum or Jonathan Ives design of Apple products, both involved a good understanding of the marketplace and public consumer behaviours. But many companies, in their haste… Read more →