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It’s not a lecture, it’s a workshop @DevWeek

A big thank you to Dev Week 2014 organisers for letting me to run my rapid ideation workshop. Slides can be found here: The challenge? Create a connected digital experience that better entertains people where they want, when they want, on any device they want. 36 attendees split into 5 teams of 6 to take on a mammoth digital entertainment challenge. Using… Read more →

Physical vs Digital vs Engagement – 4D UX Design

I guest lecture at Kingston University Business School a few times a year. One of these lectures is a workshop that kick starts the new academic year with a “Design Challenge” similar to the hack-a-thons, Design Jams and other workshops I have run in the past at UK and other international conferences. Keys to success include speed and the ability to… Read more →

Risk Getting Fired

This ingredient and many more can be found in my book, 101 Design Ingredients To Solve Big Tech Problems: Teams who fear making mistakes will never try anything different to change the world. Stand up for something you believe in, and back it up by taking risks that show your conviction. Become an innovation subversive. Prove it works first Set… Read more →