Kingston University Lean Startup Design Challenge

September 21-22, 2012

Kingston University invited me to kickstart their Design Thinking & Entrepreneurship Masters course with a 2 day hack-a-thon. I jumped at the chance to influence and guide the minds of clever business, design, film and fashion school students; injecting them early on with some Lean Startup techniques and introducing to the latest concepts that Large corporations and Startups are using right now to define their products and services.

My wish is that they keep referring back to what they will have “endured” whilst having “fun” and re-apply it to their final end of year projects; where they have to setup a real-world business with a business plan, business model, MVP etc. Thank you Catherine Morel, Janja Song and Mike for letting me disrupt and teach!


  • Work as a cross functional team
  • Spot opportunities and identify trends
  • Define, understand and incorporate user behaviours and needs
  • Prioritise ideas
  • Write assumptions
  • Assign business value to ideas (output, outcome, impact)
  • Outline a business model canvas
  • Create a Minimum Viable Prototype to validate assumptions
  • Build, Measure, Learn feedback loop
  • Sum up the value proposition
  • Pitch a business successfully
  • Have awesome fun doing all of the above!

I took them through the following over 2 days: Intro to Lean Startup, ice breaker games, the challenge, the problem, writing assumptions, validating of assumption, “Get out of the building, Lightweight persona, Empathy map, Value Map, 6 Up, creating an MVP, Paper prototyping, Business model canvas, Elevator Pitch, writing a Press Release, How to pitch to an investor, Presentation Prep.

Slides can be found here: Day 1, Day 2

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